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Let’s be real, everyone is excited, or at least interested, in seeing how Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Ochouno are going to co-exist in Cincy. PS: I know Terrell Owens hasn’t changed his name to Ochouno, I just still find it hysterical that Chad changed his name to his jersey number and I have taken it upon myself to call this athletically freakish twosome Los Ochos Locos. Will their current placid partnership last and help the Kitties to a Super Bowl ring OR will both of these ego-maniacal, loud mouthed, spotlight seeking wide receivers clash and be a detriment to the chemistry of their team? Personally, I am leaning more towards the latter. I just can’t see either one of these guys wanting to share the spotlight for the good of their team.

Anyways, apparently, Chad Ochocinco is more than ready for the upcoming NFL season… and he’s letting everybody in on his master plan. Mr. #85 already has a big plan for his self-expected first TD in the Bengals first regular season game against the New England Patriots. During home football games in Gillette Stadium there are Minutemen standing behind each end zone prepared to fire their rifles in celebration when the Pats score in order to recognize the history in the New England region. Ochocinco tweeted in anticipation of their season opener announcing that when (uhhh… how about if?) he scores a touchdown he will be taking a gun from one of the Minutemen and firing it to kick of his season with a BANG. If I’m one of the fans sitting near the end zone and Ochocinco scores… I would absolutely be ducking and covering, who knows what could go wrong! After watching Cirque de Ochocinco the past few years, it doesn’t surprise me that he already has a plan regarding celebrations. So, prepare yourselves for a Week 1 show and for the NFL to strike down a hefty Week 1 fine. Of course ya’ll have to remember that’s IF Ochocinco even gets into the endzone. Dear God, help us.

Maybe he is trying to break the record for the first player to get fined during the 2010 season. Wait a second… he already got fined $25,000 for Tweeting during a pre-season game. Nevermind the 90 minute pre-game through post-game obligations rules about technological communication (which, duh, includes social networking sites), Ochocinco said “Screw that!” and Tweeted during the Bengals pre-season game against the Philadelphia Eagles about a rough hit he took. But don’t worry, he apologized… through Twitter. ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME MAN?! The antics are getting out of control. How about you let your play do the talking instead of your actual mouth via Twitter or a reality TV show. Let’s take a look back at a couple notable Ochocinco No-No’s:

  • “The Bribe”- $20,000: Ochocinco is fined for flashing a dollar bill at a referee during a replay challenge in an attempt to jokingly “bribe” the ref.
  • “The Poncho & Sombrero”- $30,000: After scoring a touchdown Ochocinco donned a sombrero and a poncho as part of his celebration.

Who knows what this season will bring, ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!

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